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National Association of Counties

Local government in Alabama consists of 67 counties

Local government in Arkansas consists of 75 counties, and 501 towns and cities

Local government in California consists of 58 counties and 482 cities

Local government in Colorado consisted of 62 counties and 271 cities and towns

Local government in Delaware consists of 3 counties and 51 other charter cities and towns

Local government in Florida consists of 67 county governments and 410 city governments

Local government in Georgia consists of 159 counties and 535 cities

Local government in Idaho consists of 44 counties and 200 cities

Local government in Illinois consists of 1298 city governments, 1431 township governments and 102 county governments

Local government in Indiana consists of 569 city governments, 1006 town governments, and 91 county governments

Local government in Iowa consists of 99 counties and 947 cities

Local government in Kansas consists of 103 county governments, 1268 town governments, and 626 city governments

Local government in Kentucky consists of 120 counties and 418 cities

Local government in Louisiana consists of 64 parishes

Local government in Michigan consists of 83 county governments, 277 city governments, 256 village governments and 1240 township governments

Local government in Minnesota consists of 87 counties, 854 cities, and 1,785 townships.

Local government in Mississippi consists of 82 counties and 297 municipalities.

Local government in Missouri consists of 114 counties, 312 townships, and 955 cities and villages

Local government in Montana consists of 129 city governments and 54 county governments.

Local government in Nebraska consists of: 530 city governments, 419 town governments, and 93 county governments.

Local government in New Mexico consists of 33 counties, 103 cities, towns, and villages

Local government in New York consists of 62 counties, 62 cities, 932 towns, and 551 villages

Most of New York municipalities is the Empire State Purchasing Group

New York City procurement is direct at

Local government in North Carolina consists of 100 counties, 553 cities, towns, and villages

Local government in North Dakota consists of 53 county governments, 1314 township governments and 357 city governments

Local government in Ohio consists of 88 counties, 251 cities, 1308 townships, and 687 villages

Local government in Oklahoma consists of 77 counties, 163 cities and 431 towns

Purchasing Handbook for Oklahoma Counties

Local government in Oregon consists of 36 counties and 241 cities

Local government in Pennsylvania consists of 67 counties, 56 cities, 958 boroughs, and 1547 townships

Local government in South Carolina consists of 46 counties and 270 cities and towns

Local government in South Dakota consists of 66 counties, 916 townships and 310 municipalities

Local government in Tennessee consists of 92 counties and 342 cities and towns

Local government in Texas consists of 254 counties and 1,214 cities

Local government in Virginia consists of 95 counties and 229 incorporated cities and towns

Local government in Washington consists of 39 counties and 281 Cities and towns

Local government in West Virginia consists of 55 county governments and 232 city governments

Local government in Wisconsin consists of 72 counties, 595 cities and villages, and 1255 towns